Mozart Music Match

Mozart’s Music Match

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Game Description:

Mozart’s Music Match: Mozart was a brilliant musician who wrote hundreds of musical compositions. Take you first steps in learning to read musical notes and develop your musical talents in this music education game. Are you among the 15% in the world who truly have musical intelligence?

3 levels of difficulty that include several challenges for each musical skill in each of the 5 musical games:

  • audio memory  – is similar to match-pairs memory games, but there are no visual clues. Remember and match the tones. Visual hints reduce score by 50%. 3 Levels of difficulty.
  • sight reading music –  is similar to guitar hero. Play the correct piano key to earn points. 3 Levels of difficulty from single to multi-touch.
  • perfect pitch test –  is a hearing test for scientific research. Anonymously provide your hearing test scores to the global research project.
  • motif memory  – is similar to simple simon. Watch and Remember the tone sequences, then play them back in the proper order. 3 Level of difficulty, with or without visual clues, single and multi-touch.
  • and ear training  is similar to motif memory above but without visual clues. Listen to the tones and play them on the piano in the correct rhythm.

Game Search Keywords:

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Game Categories:

audio, puzzle, music education, ear training

Game Origins:

  • This game is the author’s derivative work from Musa Music Match released 2009 – copyright © 2002-2016, Stephen Gose. All rights reserved.
  • License available at

Bonus Content Options*:

*If you purchased the Game Design Workbook (Book only) from or, you may purchase the Bonus Content separately as listed above.

All 5 games license and source code package coming soon.

Bonus Content & Code Samples:

102 pages (14 resource files; 43 MB download) of supporting documentation and source code examples:

  • Only Audio Memory Game (first difficulty level) included;
  • 1-Time license for Audio memory game included – a savings of $45.00
  • 15 javascript files,
  • 2 mobile Intel XDK templates,
  • 40 game mechanic themes,
  • game state cheat sheet and flow chart,
  • 93 pages of Game Design Document templates and examples,
  • 5 page cheat sheet for index.html creation.
  • Game Fun analysis work sheet which compares 16 human motivations to 42 “Fun Factors”.
  • 2 coupons for further online training courses a value of $35 for FREE!.