PBMCube Online Games

  • Just Flora

    Just Flora

    SGGS, Winx Club

    Just Flora is 8 Jigsaw puzzles (4 new featured puzzles every month!) and 3 new RPG bonus games! It’s a mega-game collection with a create your own Winx Club puzzle game-maker from PBMCube. ̵ [...]

  • Tecna Flip Flop

    Tecna Flip Flop

    SGGS, Winx Club

    Winx CLub Flip Flop – Who is smarter? Tecna or Timmy, Bloom or Sky? Play as one of your favorite Winx Characters in this reversi-Othello style game. Play against Tecna, Timmy or one of the evil [...]

  • No No Kiko

    No No Kiko

    SGGS, Winx Club

    ‘No No Kiko!!’ is Winx Club kiko adventure (number 4) that combines frogger-style action arcade with a role-playing adventure games. Help get Kiko across the busy street, and then discover [...]

  • Just Musa

    Just Musa

    SGGS, Winx Club

    Just Musa is 8 Jigsaw puzzles and 3 new featured puzzles every month. – NEW! Create your own Winx Club puzzles. – submit your artwork and become the featured artist next month! – Vot [...]

  • Blood Pit 2

    Blood Pit 2


    How long can you survive the Blood Pit? Slash and cut your way to the top of this Arena Gladiator game of pure skill and strategy game. Time your cuts, block attacks or simply collect jewels and fame [...]

  • Musa Music Match

    Musa Music Match

    SGGS, Winx Club

    Musa Winx power is Music; do you have musical powers? Try your skills in this Winx Club first Musical Audio Puzzle, — 36 language available, high score, educational Use mouse to click on puzzle [...]

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