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20140221: Life has a strange way of seeking balance. Today I lost a dear friends of 17 years. She developed cancer over the past 3 weeks and it aggressively took. Offsetting my sense of loss, I discovered that PBMCube.com is rated #50 in the Top US 100 Game sites per this site.

Oh WOW! Wait until you see what we have for you as a member of PBMCube! Not one single arcade site has this feature ….. not 1! Start by creating your privileged access and membership account today.

2013 Sept 10: Whew! This migration onto our new ISP was executed poorly! I apologize for the disruption!. Unfortunately, we lost over 29,000 member accounts … gone … destroyed! But of the 29,000 accounts since 1997 only 600+ were active on a weekly|monthly basis. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! Everyone starts off with a new account in the new social network and awards system.

New Multiplayer game – Club Marian – now available with enhance comments and chat.
Now you can sign into Facebook, Twitter, google or WordPress and share your comments with friends and community about games offered on PBMCube.com

We are launching this new comment feature on all Multi-player games @ PBMCube.com.


Coming Very Soon our new arcade website! Of the 15 years providing online entertainment, this is the first year our site was attacked twice in 2 months. Due to recent terrorist activities against our website for our political opinions of Kony 2012, we were forced to rebuilt a new web site.  Our world must change, the recent attacks on our site is a demonstration of how far humanity has degraded. On the bright side, this “lemon allows us to make lemonade!” — in simple terms, we have the golden opportunity to re-invent ourselves and our community of 10K members into our ultimate dream gaming site.

Please be patience as we introduce our new community. All 10K membership accounts were destroyed in the terrorist attack. If you have a favorite game, please email us and we will include it as we rebuild ….

Thanks for your patience, and help us find the person(s) who have done this.
We are posting a reward for information leading to their capture and arrest.