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Ganguro Girl Chat 2008

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    The rules are quite simple, just talk to this Ganguro girl. You have got 300 heart beats to try too seduce this girl or just keep her interested in you. You will find she is full of surprises (^_^ )

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  • Ganguro girl is the only game site in the world where you can talk, interact, and anime characters! Plus it's stocked full of interactive FLASH games, movies, and CG and photo galleries to unlock and download for your enjoyment. Take a look out there, you will find no other site that offers the same amount of original high quality interactive games If you are a fan of anime, animation, manga, dating, naruto, japanese pop culture, or even japanese fashion. The Ganguro girl game is constantly evolving so keep in touch to see what new updates movies and characters The rules of this FLASH online dating sim game sim are quite simple,You are on a date with this Ganguro girl. During your date you have got 300 heart beats to try to talk or seduce this girl. You can say anything just keep her interested in you. You will find she is full of surprises (^_^ ) Do you have what it takes to unlock all of this websites hidden movies and games? Hint: For the best results, you should just type in one sentence at a time, also try to type your message accurately and use proper sentence structure.