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    Take the same martial art classes in swordsmanship as the winx club specialists of Red Fountain. Practice your sword skills and timing to become the perfect swordsman specialist like Brandon and Sky. - Choose your favorite classical melee weapon; - Practice your skills and earn the highest grade; - New 'Adventure Quests' every month; - Defend Red Fountain School, Alfea or the Realm of Magix from terrible attacks; - Win trophies, awards and badges in tournament and intramural competitions. Red Fountain tutors young heroes in the martial and magical arts, in hopes that -- one day -- they will serve their home world's military. Red Fountain students practice with classical weapons and modern firearms. They have a choice of phantoblades in the shape of broadswords, longswords, rapiers, halberds or scimitars. Phantoblades are made of absolute magic-proof material.

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  • Select 'practice' (1-easy, normal or 4-difficult sessions) or 'adventure' modes -- you must have good grades (C or better) to go on adventures; and optionally, select your weapons. rnrnUse your arrow keys to match the attack direction and try to time your defense-rhythm perfectly. If you parry too soon or too late, you loose pointsrnon your swordsmanship grades. Try to graduate with the highest honors.rnrnEarn badges, awards and trophies by going on adventures and entering tournament competitions.