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    Move your 3D chess pieces against a cunning wizard. Tactic Core is a chess-style multi-player or single player against the computer turn-based online flash game. All your character chess pieces have unique skills such as archery, magic and swordmanship. Tactics Core is very similar to Harry Potter Wizards Chess. You move in turns and must defeat everybody from the another team.

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  • Use mouse to select various movement and attacks. Tactics Core will take at least 10 seconds to load before playing, during that time you will only see a white screen, the game will begin once the options menu has loaded.rnrnAuthor's Comments:rnTactics Core is a 100% Flash based game engine for developing Strategy RPGs in Flash. I've created a demo game to show what it can do. You'll find it quite challenging at first, but once you figure out how all the units attack, it'll be much easier. Also, if you're lucky, the most powerful unit, Daemon, might appear on your team! rn